Awaken Day 15: in which I tell you about a dream.

God speaks in dreams. Quite literally, and also figuratively. One night about 11 years ago, God spoke to me in a dream. Though he used Daniel in the Bible to interpret dreams, He spoke to me in my dream that I would marry a man named Daniel who was a co-worker of mine at the time. Daniel was not a believer then, and in the dream, I questioned God about this, and God told me that He would believe. The God-figure in my dream went on to tell me more about our purpose together once married.

Dreams, whether God inspired or not, can awaken us to something new. One night I went to bed heart-broken and sick with no known desire for my friend Daniel. The only desire I had for him was that He would believe in Christ, and it seemed like something that would never happen. He was hard of heart, and it seemed like perhaps he was beyond reach. Church was not a place he wanted to venture, so I had no romantic thoughts of him.  A few days later after the dream, my heart was pricked for my co-worker and friend in a new way.  There is a reason why Song of Solomon says, “Do not arise or awaken love until it so desires.”

It was hard to wait and see how God would continue writing the story, and love had been awakened in my heart. My story is far from a traditional story, and I would have never have chosen this path on my own, and I would caution you and call you to be very discerning before choosing a similar path. It is hard to find wisdom to discern dreams, but He gives it when we ask.

Daniel had a crush on me, and God must have used that to draw him closer to Him, as I said I would not date him if He had zero interest in God, no matter what I had dreamed. Oddly, though, he chose to study the Bible. And over time, he became a believer. And one day, he proposed marriage and I accepted. Now, God had given me this knowledge in a dream, and it was hard not to want to manipulate circumstance to make life happen as the dream portrayed. I was taking a GIANT step of faith in believing that the dream was meaningful. And I was plagued with doubt after we were first married – what if I had been wrong about the dream? I made numerous mistakes, and doubt is not a good friend. I tried to manipulate everything into place. But the truth was we were two fallen people who had married, and that’s never easy!

Remember that at the end of the dream, I felt God giving a path and purpose to our lives together? I still wait to see whether that purpose will be fulfilled, and actually I continue to place one foot in front of another not knowing whether or not my dream will come to pass or not, and I am okay if it does not. For a long time, I lamented not knowing if the whole dream would be fulfilled and whether I had lost the track for my life purpose. My dream may not have been sent from heaven above (though I believe it was), but I am married, and I have choices and consequences, and whether or not my Daniel was “meant to be” or not, he is now mine forever. And forever I am his. And that IS meant to be.

For almost 9 years, I’ve been married to the man in my dream. He hasn’t always been McDreamy or McSteamy, and I haven’t been “Little Miss Sunshine” either. But the most amazing thing has happened! I believe God honored my steps of faith in believing the dream was from Him and gave me far more in my husband than my wildest imagination. {Yes, doubt did a lot to try to mess it up initially, so we’ve had to work at making it great.} Do I take it for granted and complain? Yes, sadly sometimes I do. But following in faith and obedience has been worth the risk. I love my Daniel.

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