Books I Read in 2011

I confess since becoming a mother I don’t normally read a lot (I was a bookworm as a child), but this year I did.  I am sort of proud of the books I read this year, so I thought I would link up over at Nesting Place.  I don’t normally read so many Christian Life books, but you can tell a lot about what I was doing this year by the books on my list.  I’ve been writing for a Christian women’s conference.

Books Read in 2011:

  • One Thousand Gifts
  • The Pressure’s Off
  • TrueFaced
  • Speak Up with Confidence
  • God is Closer than you Think
  • The Help
  • Craving Grace
  • The Pursuit of God (a reread)
  • When a Woman Trusts God
  • Gospel Wakefulness

hmm, I thought there was going to be more.  Guess I didn’t read as many as I thought!


Books that I started and did not finish and perhaps will in 2012:

  • Abide in Christ
  • Grace Awakening
  • The Practice of the Presence of God
  • Mad Church Disease: Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic


Some that I have and hope to read in 2012:

  • Grace for the Good Girl.*
  • Blue like Jazz

*Anyone need a copy?  I wanted to give one away.  Leave me a comment, and it could be yours.  Yes, I know this blog is brand new and a don’t have many readers, but none the less.


Bible Studies read and completed (*two of them I’d already done previously):

  • David: Seeking a Heart Like His
  • Jonah: A Life Interrupted
  • Esther: It’s Tough being a Woman*
  • Ruth: Loss, Love, and Legacy*
  • One in a Million


God has taught me so much this year.  I have to say I really enjoyed all of the books I read, especially The Help, One Thousand Gifts, and Gospel Wakefulness.  One I read and did not enjoy was Speak Up with Confidence.


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  1. I have heard such good things about this book! Would love one!

  2. I would love a copy of Grace for the Good girl. Seems we have same taste in books! Such a cute blog… look forward to more.

  3. Tracy Kelley says:

    I am new to your blog, but id love a copy of that book! I have been trying to find something to read, I think I will read some off your list! thanks!!

  4. I have heard good things about this book. Best Wishes with your new blog. I liked you on FB to keep up. ;>) Thanks!

  5. I wouldlove a copy…it is on my to read list right now! God bless – Holly

  6. glad to see what you’ve been reading.  :)

  7. Hi Jamie, The give-away may be over, but I enjoyed reading your book list. I am reading One Thousand Gifts and Loving the Little Years. About to start going through The Blessing by Smalley and Trent with my husband. I’m like you, reading has taken a backseat in recent years and I’m definitely enjoying getting back into the books! Happy 2012!

  8. I would love a copy as well!! you can reach me at!

  9. Mindy D'Andrea says:

    Add me to the mix. Happy to find some new content from you in the new blog. Thanks for sharing. 


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