Five Minute Friday: Connect

Today, I’m writing for Five Minute Friday on the word Connect with Lisa-Jo.


the munt-neyI’ve always felt a little inept at connection. I know you say, “Who is it that does not make friends?” Such a person does not really exist, and I know this, but I feel it deep down in my bones that I don’t connect well with others.

I am learning though, because the God-man has sat me down at His table, fed me, loved on me, and bit by bit He’s transformed me. We make a connection, He and I, and I have learned to be content with the One who matters most. He treats me as if I am His most beloved.

And then His supernatural connection, spills over. I get my little one up from the bed, wish her a good morning, and I feel it, the everlasting we are forming.

“My munt-ney,” she says every morning asking for her blanket that she refuses to say correctly. I don’t mind this knowing soon enough she will. She takes it every where she goes, and soon enough, that will end too.

I relish the connection He’s given me to her. She is only two, and I feel already the separation of age between each my 5- and 6-year-old and me. I am discontent in this, and I take it to the God-man, who heals all wounds.

So too, He reminds me that He glues me together, not like a magnet collecting many small pieces at once, but with one person and friend at a time, each creating a beautiful picture of Him in me.


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  1. Melanie Pennington says:

    This is so lovely. I needed to hear of others who have difficulty connecting. You are so right … connecting to God makes everything else possible. Thank you.
    stopping by from 5 minute friday : )

  2. Denise Oldham says:

    Cute post.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! I love that when we are connected to Him, all the other wounds and disconnections are somehow healed & made into a beautiful picture. 

  4. Jacqui Bennett says:

    Oh, I love this…I relate!! Maybe your gift is in your writing…maybe that’s how God’s made you to connect? I love your reference to the “God-man,” and really I could go on and on. Such a beautiful, real post…full of so much wisdom. Thanks for sharing. I found through Jen and realized we’re both 5MF girls. So glad to meet you!

  5. soulstops says:

    your daughter is so cute! Beautifully true how connection with the “God-man” changes us…grateful we connected at She Speaks …Blessings, Jaime :)

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