Five Minute Friday: Here

Here I

Hearts are heavy and broken. We long for home. We wait.

We ponder. We cry. We want to see eternity.

But then eternity meets us. Jesus is here, calling us out of hiding.

He says, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden.”

“Remove the mask you hide behind, cast your cares on me, and be hidden with me in God.”

Here. Now. Each moment. Calling out, and seeking us. Healing and making us whole.

Though I long for heaven, His presence is here, with me now, completely, calling and comforting me.

As I wait, as I long, He meets me here making me free.

Let us worship and bow down in His presence.

Carrying the easy and light burden of hope in Him.


Shared with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday.

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  1. Amy Tilson says:

    Nice reminder that we don’t have to wait or to go.  It truly is here.  Beautiful!  (Hopping over from FMF)

  2. Beautiful! :) His presence is HERE! 

  3. the Lord always speaks so beautifully through you, friend. i absolutely love this piece, & it’s a message that is so relevant for me every moment of every day.

    thank you for hearing His tender voice, & sharing it with me,

  4. visiting from 5 min friday link up.  very encouraging.  i am waiting on Him to carry my burden.  thanks for the encouragement. 

    my recent post: here

  5. soulstops says:

    This is such a wonderful reminder of how He is here with us now…comforting, and carrying our burdens…Grateful…A blessed Sunday to you, Jaime :)

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